Cross Country Safety Tools

If you were given the opportunity to bring a handful of items, which would they be?

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    The Almighty Axe

    This critical and versatile item is a must have. You can break the ice getting your sled out of a creek. You can use the axe to pull yourself to surface and back onto the ice if you fall through and of course, use it to clear brush along your cross-country route.

    As the author of this article, an axe is my 1st choice in cross-country snowmobiling.

  • Ice Picks

    Ask someone who has fallen through the ice and survived, they will likely share this recommendation, having a set of ice picks wrapped around your neck is a must-have. Watch a video

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    Chain Saw

    If you have room on your sled, a chainsaw is also a must have in cross country snowmobiling. Not only to clear trees, but to assemble make-shift bridges, cut ice, cut firewood and make shelter.

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    Silky Saw

    If you haven't got room on the sled for a chainsaw, then a good barracuda-toothed silky-saw is a practical alternative. These sharply-toothed tools can surprisingly rip through wood quickly. Watch a video