Searchmont Ontario

1st Snowmobile Ride of the Season - November 28th

We searched for snow and found it west of Searchmont Ontario

  • Searchmont Snowmobiling

    More Snow Than Expected

    The snow-maps were just not generous this November, making for false results. They were off by as much as 50%, but opposite to what you would expect. We snowmobiled in by far more snow than was posted. The only way to find out was to haul the sleds and trailers into the wilderness. All 3 snow-maps that I check must be using the same inaccurate interpolation method and they were way off.

  • Searchmont Snowmobiling

    Fresh Powder

    In this particular region west of Searchmont, there was up to 40cms on snow, especially in the higher elevations cresting along the sides of the valley. Almost all of this powder was dropped in a most recent storm that blew off of Lake Superior. Is this considered early snowmobiling for this area? Absolutely not!

  • November Snowmobiling

    Night Riding

    The temperature was just below freezing which made for some very comfortable nighttime riding. No one else had been out, so, we were breaking trail on many of the back-routes leading to various lakes. On this specific trip, I brought my custom feather-lite fan-cooled sled, equipped with floater skis and tunnel lift. My liquid sleds come out in January or when there's a reasonable base.

    Author: Dan Kachur -