Elliot Lake Ontario

1st Snowmobile Ride of the Season - November 20th, 2022

We searched for snow and found it in Elliot Lake Ontario

  • Elliot Lake Snowmobiling

    Fresh Powder

    Word was out that Elliot Lake Ontario received a snow dumping on November 19th. Could it be rideable? After a few calls, some viewing of FB photos, my cross-country riding colleague Chad and I loaded up the sleds and headed for Elliot Lake. When we arrived, we weren't disappointed, one step out of the truck and were convinced it was going to be a good day.

  • Elliot Lake Snowmobiling

    Logging Roads

    What a great day to be on the sleds, the storm was a day done and out came the sun. Chad and I know this area well, therefore, we checked out several of the logging roads that we would normally run during the winter months to get into the deep interior for some cross-country riding. Obviously, there was no CC riding on this trip, but was an opportunity to test the sleds in preparation for the winter season. On this trip, I brought my custom Feather-lite Fan sled, which tends to stay on top of the snow.

  • Snowmobile Logging Road

    Blind River Bound

    The snow dump that hit Elliot Lake also covered the section north of Blind River. We ran the main Cyr logging road from Elliot Lake to the south side of Lake Matinenda and made it about 1/3 of the way to Blind River, turning around just north of Emerald Lake. We still had plenty of snow-depth and could have continued.

    Author: Dan Kachur - https://sled-x.ca