Disposable Sleds

Cheap Wear-and-Tear

A write-up explaining why low-cost sleds are good for cross country snowmobiling

  • Chapleau Snow Octover

    Stereotype Perception

    Never judge a book by its cover! Just because someone's riding a vintage snowmobile doesn't mean he / she is poor. There's a reason for the choice. Lower repair cost after bush riding is one of them. Branch and tree damage is common, followed by track damage, trailing arm bends and cooler line tears. Polaris wedge sled parts are abundant and relatively cheap compared to newer sled parts and repair costs.

  • XCR440

    Customized for Cross Country

    Modern upgrades can be added into vintage sleds at relatively low cost. Improved ride height in deep snow is solved using longer front shocks and a skid lift kit. An Android Dashboard is a nice add-on feature to a vintage sled, mounting on the handlebars and not taking away or altering the factory gauges.

  • Polaris Wedge Snowmobiles

    Multi-Sled Fleet

    Depending on the trip type may depend on which sled you plan on using that day. Deep slush means longer track and horsepower. Thick bush and breaking trail needs floating skis and a light-weight sled. Running a twisty, packed trail, then you use the Red Rocket.

    Author: Dan Kachur - https://sled-x.ca