Seabrook Lake Ontario

Trip from Black Creek Outfitters to Seabrook Lake - Jan. 21st, 2024

75 miles north of Thessalon Ontario

  • Seabrook Lake Ontario

    Unstable Ice Conditions

    The 1st half of the 2023/24 snowmobile season has been an absolute struggle. The super El Nino brought incredibly warm tempuratures and well-below average precipitation to the region. This was our first opportunity to snowmobile from Black Creek Outfitters to Seabrook Lake this season, in fact we broke trail from Aubrey Falls Trading Post to just south of the former Johnny's Trucktop. Normally, this is done weeks earlier. Although the lakes may look solid, there's not much ice under the snow.

  • Seabrook Lake

    Trail to Seabrook Lake

    Normally, we're in the Back-Country at this time of the winter, but, unfortunatey, there's not enough snow as of yet. Camp-owners and fishing groups have packed down this Seabrook Lake trail on what is about 9" of snow. Our plan was to take the powerline west of Seabrook Lake and break trail north past Heal and Ogston lakes, leading to the Aubinadong River on the Domtar road. We put this on hold due to the lack of snow.

  • McFadden Camp #34 at Aubrey Falls

    Old McFadden Lumber Camp #34

    This large clearing is home to the old McFadden Lumber Camp #34. It operated in the late 1930's through to the late 1940's. At the time, there were several bunkhouses, a large cookery, blacksmith shop and stables. The Camp Foreman was Fred J. Albert from Blind River and road repair was done by Rheal Richer of Webbwood, whom at the time of this writing, is still alive and just celebrated his 100th birthday. A visit to McFadden Camp #34 during the summer will reveal tall grass and grown in trees. However, a good metal detector will bring out the treasures including logging stamp hammers, axes, horseshoes, harmonicas and money

    Author: Dan Kachur -