Seymour Lake Ontario

Cross Country - January 8th, 2023

On this cross-country venture, we travelled deep into the BackCountry of the Little Rapid River region located in Algoma country in Northern Ontario. Some of the regional lakes include Rainy, Toodee and Seymour Lakes.

  • Little Rapid River

    Little Rapid River

    The closest civilization to Little Rapid River, is Black Creek Outfitters on highway 129. This area is rich in lumber history dating back to the early days of late 1920's and early 1930's when Carpenter-Hixon logged the tall white pine. Some areas of the Little Rapid are difficult to reach during the summer, but makes for an exploration opportunity during winter. We accessed Little Rapid river coming in from the Kindiogami Road to the north.

  • Snowmobile Creek Crossing

    Crossing the River

    In order to get to Little Rapid River, we branched south from the Kindiogami Road and our goal was to get down to the river. We had no idea if we could get that far and if so, could we cross and continue further south. Luck was with us as the river was low and generally frozen across. We continued further south through the bush and went by Rainy Lake on the west side, then came out just north-east of Toodee Lake. From there it was westerly bound to Seymour lake, then out to highway 129.

  • Seymour Lake

    The Trip Map

    We ended up making a loop out of this trip by starting at highway 129 and finishing at highway 129, going in on one bush route and coming out at another. We stopped at Black Creek Outfitters on highway 129 for beverages and lunch. A short video clip of us approaching the Little Rapid River is here: Video Link

    Author: Dan Kachur -