January 2022

Cross Country Riders: Chad Carter (Ski-Doo), Dan Kachur (Polaris), Don Harasymiw (Ski-Doo), Ray Clargo (Ski-Doo).

  • Searchmont Snowmobiling

    Deep Snow

    With sleds loaded early in the morning, we headed north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to the snowbelt community of Heyden. We arranged truck / trailer parking, then unloaded in what was already a good snow storm. Off we went, one lake after another and when we closed in on Kaufmann Lake (7th Lake of the run), had to detour due to logging. That's when we got into the deep snow and no word of lie, just below waistline deep which was pretty exciting for so early in the season. A few of the sleds had some challenges in getting through. We stopped on Kaufmann Lake and chatted with several die-hard fishermen. We also met up with another sledding group on the next lake.

  • Don Harasymiw

    Storm Getting Worse

    As we just finished coming through the bush from Jarvis Lake (8th lake of the run), we came upon a young family who were walking across a remote lake in what was now a blizzard. The husband was having a difficult time pulling the sleigh due to deep snow and his wife and 2 children walking ahead as they were trying to get back to their vehicle. Each of us snowmobilers loaded one family member and we rode them through the remote trails to Northland lake, where their vehicle was parked. They were so happy and so were we as to make sure they were out of the bush safely.

  • Kaufman Lake


    Initially our planned day trip was to include 20+ lakes, but due to what was now a blizzard, we finised the 9th lake, then went along an old logging road in an attempt to get to the Ranger Lake and do a turnaround. Visibility was almost zero in some spots making it difficult to see a path forward. At least one rider landed in the rhubard. Err in the side of caution, we decided to turn around and head back. Here's a video of our return trip across Jarvis Lake