On this trip we hit the remote-deep interior of south Algoma

  • Lake Slush

    Slush...And More Slush

    What a day! The forecast was calling for rain and we were given a heads-up that lakes were knee-deep in slush. The trip started from Endikai Lake, where we worked our way north to Kirkpatrick via the Black Lake route. The slush was bad and the route was lean on snow, but not as bad as what lied ahead on Finn Lake north of Town Line lake. Chad and Curtis were both running big-iron horsepower and ripped down the lakes staying on top. My XCR with the 121" track was a potential for disaster that day, but experience and wisdom prevailed as the wedge-sled exceeded the need to survive on the swimming pool lakes.

  • Lumber Camp

    You never know what you might come across in the middle of remote wilderness. This old lumber camp is a prime example and somewhat of a surprise. Not necessarily surprised to find the lumber camp site itself, but the fact that some of the buildings are still in-tact. It's pretty remote and the nearest old road access is miles away. Its amazing the challenges lumbermen from way back then went through in order to access the interior and cut virgin tall white pine.

  • Image

    The rain held off and the sunshine came out which made for a good mid-afternoon lunch along the point at Finn Lake north of Townline Lake. Finn Lake was a swimming pool of slush and we still had Pointer and Spot Lakes ahead of us in order to continue our trek to Black Creek. Unfortunately, the start of trip coming in from Endikai was a slow one due to lack of snow in the bush leaving alot of exposed rocks. We were safely down to a crawl on these bush routes in order to protect our tracks from getting torn up.