Searchmont Ontario

The Melt-Down - December 15th, 2023

This was our 4th ride of the season in Algoma country. Riders: Sean H. Dan K.

  • Searchmont Rain

    Heavy Rain

    It poured in Searchmont. What started as rain, turned into a downpour. The El Nino effect is definitely at play. As we rolled through Searchmont there was a truck hauling a sled trailer in front of us, in what appeared to be their search for snow. We passed them, then unloaded further up the road. By noon, we hit the trails, put 60 kms on, got soaked, then called it quits at 3 pm. There was no one else out and the snowmobile tracks spotted were mine created from yesterday's ride.

  • Achigan Lake

    Soggy Lakes

    During our sled run, we passed several lakes and ponds along the way, all of which were turning into swimming pools. It was quite a contrast to see in 1 day, as the previous outing a day earlier was a pure winter ride. The warm-front moved into this area as well and unfortunately there was no immunity to the meltdown.

  • Algoma Central Railway

    Snow Meltdown

    Although there appears to be no train haulage this winter, on this particular route, the inspection rail just went by as we arrived at the tracks. Having been out sledding the day before, then back out again today, the snow dropped approximately 40%, which was quite noticeable looking at the rail tracks.

    Author: Dan Kachur -