Early season snowmobiling

North of Sault Ste. Marie - Pre-Season - December 12th

This was an early December ride heading from Wabos, Ontario to Achigan Lake, Ontario via logging roads and bush trails

  • BackCountry Snowmobiling


    Achigan Ontario, is located approximately 45 kms north of Sault Ste. Marie (Air Distance). There were 2 of us on this trip, Don H. and myself. We just came off the Achigan bluffs where there was plenty of snow with up to 40cms in some places. The valley below only had about half the amount, but was enough to get through the bush. The goal was to get to Achigan Lake.

  • Backcountry Snowmobiling

    Bush Trail

    The culvert is laying in the bush down-stream and the creek isn't frozen enough to cross. The make-shift bridge was the temporary solution. This is not uncommon on these former logging roads, where they are no longer maintained, except for local recreation camp owners, trappers or fishermen.

  • Bush Snowmobiling

    Lower Elevation...Less Snow

    We were closing in on Achigan Lake and had less than 800' to go. This was the end of the line in terms of sled access unless we wanted to bury them in mud, so we turned around and headed back up to the bluffs for deeper snow. Pushing the sleds through to Achigan Lake would have had little value, since the lake wasn't rideable this early in the season and the trail leads to a dead-end at the lake.

    Author: Dan Kachur - https://sled-x.ca