Searchmont Snowmobiling

Early Season Night Snowmobiling - December 1st

Searchmont is located in the Lake Superior Snow-Belt, north-east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

  • Searchmont Snowmobiling

    Bush Trails

    This area is consistantly an early season snowmobiling destination, sometimes riding starts in late October, but almost always in November. There are plenty of logging roads and bush trails to get out and test the sleds. On this December 1st outing, we were able to cover the entire evening without running out of snow in this area.

  • early season snowmobiling

    Fresh Powder

    On this particular early-season start, there was no shortage of snow. One of the logging roads brought us to a high ridge that rises as much as 700' from the lake below resulting in 16" of snow, which is very desecent for December 1st, in this part of Ontario. The Valley depths below had no less than 12" at any given location.

  • Logging Road Snow

    Searchmont Snowbelt

    This particular area has tradionally been a great starting point for interior snowmobiling, where the snowplow stops and the deep snow starts.

    Author: Dan Kachur -