This route is one of the easiest ways in to get involved with and learn about cross-country snowmobiling

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    Just 15 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie, this route is accessible starting at Lower Island Lake, east of Heyden, Ontario. You drive to Heyden, turn right on highway 556 and as you become parallel with Lower Island Lake, the parking lot is on your left. Click the Interactive Map on the left for a visual

    This is an enjoyable 3 hour - 20 lake loop run, where you start at Lower Island Lake and return back via a different route to your starting location.

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    Here are some of the 20 lakes included on this trip: Lower Island, Upper Island, Lake 1, Fillion, Reserve, Kaufman, Jarvis, Christmas, Crooked, Weashkog, Caribou, Trout, No-Name, Finn, Red Rock, Make and Heyden Lakes.

    An OFSC trail permit will be required if you decide on making a loop out of the Reserve Lake to Caribou Lake portion. If you do not have an OFSC permit, you can head north-east past Fillion Lake connecting with Reserve, Kaufmann, Jarvis and carrying on.

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    This easy and enjoyable 20 lake route is located in the snowbelt. As always, please respect the trails, environment and other riders along the way.

    Note: There is open water at the south end of Reserve Lake, so, don't venture onto the ice at the lake exit in the small bay.