A very scenic and well-travelled route in the Dunlop Lake region

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    This is an incredibly scenic and easy cross-country route connecting Dunlop Lake to Highway 546 and visa-versa. Ideally, a perfect way to spend 3 hours if you happen to be in the Dunlop Lake area or staying overnight at the Dunlop Lodge. This casual ride will take approximately 90 minutes each way to get from one destination to the other. Click the Interactive Map on the left for a visual

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    Here are the 9 lakes included on this trip: Dunlop, 10 Mile, Ezma, Gaff, No Name, Lillybet, Windy, Big and Long.

    For a short video of the route, click on the Video image to the left or click here.

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    There are a few open water sections to watch for, particularly the narrows between Big Lake and Long Lake. Do not go slow and be very observant for open water, stay close to shore as you proceed through this area. Look at the Interactive Map above for red rectangular icons showing the open water sections. Other areas of caution include the narrows at the bottom of Lillybet Lake and the outflow at 10 Mile Landing on Dunlop Lake.