Another very scenic ride in the Kirkpatrick Lake / Blue Lakes area

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    The Blue Lakes is a popular canoe route during the summer season and includes many lakes. This cross country snowmobile route includes 15 lakes. Some of the more popular names include: Endikai, Kirkpatrick, White Bear, Big Horseshoe and another 11 lakes. The starting point for the Blue Lakes cross country snowmobile route is Endikai Lake. There's a large-sized parking lot on highway 546 just before Endikai Lake. Once on Endikai, you go to the top end of the lake, then take the bush trail to Kirkpatrick Lake, also known as Blue Lake. Click the Interactive Map on the left for a visual

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    Here are the 15 lakes included on this trip: Endikai, Snowbird, Moose, unknown, Kirkpatrick, Robb, TownLine, Finn, Pointer, Spot, Duval, Big Horseshoe, unknown, Little White Bear and White Bear.

    For a short video of the route, click on the Video image to the left or click here.

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    There are several open water sections to worry about. Particularly the upper end of the loop including sections between Finn and Pointer Lake. The most dangerous section is before, at and after Spot Lake. Two things you need to worry about at Spot Lake: 1.) There is open water in several locations, so you really need to keep your speed up, your eyes peeled and stay close to shore if possible. 2.) You really need to know where you are going in terms of enter and exit points, which coincidently are some of the dangerous parts of Spot Lake.